FELIX 3 - Starter set

All the essentials to keep your 3D printer going, together in one kit. The FELIX 3 essentials kit contains useful spare items and maintenance tools. 

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Standard in the box
-    3 x Kapton sheet
-    1 x Set of filament Dust Cleaners
-    1 x refillable spray
-    1 x Tweezers


Additional items
-    Extra nozzles 
-    Extra set of hot-ends 
-    0.35 mm cleaning drill

Standard kit items

Refillable Spray 

The small refillable spray works very well to clean the print bed. Fill it with cleaning liquid (recommended: Denatured alcohol) and spray a bit on top of the print bed each time before you start a new print. 



Tweezers make it much easier to carefully peel of a 3D printed object from the print bed. It is also a very useful tool to remove any filament residue from the hot-ends. 


Kapton Foil 

During normal usage the kapton foil will be of good quality for a long time. If it occurs the foil gets damaged or you start to see ‘shadows’ from previous prints, you might want to change the current foil for a new one.


Filament Dust Cleaners 

The Dust Cleaners are placed in the guidance tool that guides the filament to the hot-ends. Filament is very often loaded with static electricity, causing dust to stick to the filament. To prevent any dust to be taken into the hot-ends, dust cleaners are used. To make sure the filament will be guided to the hot-ends without any dirt, new dust cleaners need to be placed in the guidance tool once in a while. 


Additonal items 

Additional nozzles 

At some point the tip of a hot-end will be worn out. Usually this only happens after heavy usage but working with exotic filaments (like glow-in-the-dark filament) may speed up the process. Worn out nozzles are visibly recognizable due to the 'flat' tip. 

Extra set of hot-ends 
Want to use one set of hot-ends for special filaments? Or you want to have an extra set of hot-ends available in case something happens? Having a spare set of hot-ends will prevent any delay when you really need to finish an important 3D print! 


0.35 mm cleaning drill 
Sometimes a little piece of material is blocking the tip of the extruder. If extra heat or other tricks do not solve the issue, a small drill can be the solution. 

170 027.1
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